Huntsville landscaper helps Scottsboro woman clean up after storms

Huntsville landscaper helps Scottsboro woman clean up after storms
Landscaper Joshua Harris volunteered to help Elaine Morris clean up storm damage at her home. (Source: WAFF)

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) - Storms tore through Jackson County one week ago. In its wake, the storm left one woman panicking, wondering what to do about cleaning up.

"Something made made me call 48 News. That's the one I would normally watch when I do catch the news. And something just made me call y'all, you know? And it just was all a miracle. The way everything went down was a total miracle and I know that to be a fact, I do," said Elaine Morris about help clearing a downed tree at her home off Berry Road in Scottsboro.

The "miracle" Morris was talking about is Joshua Harris of Harris Landscaping and Tree Care in Huntsville. Morris came on WAFF's 4:30 newscast last Thursday to ask the public for help removing a large maple tree that fell on a shed in her back yard coming within feet of the pens where she keeps her Dalmatians.

Harris said he was watching our live broadcast last Thursday afternoon and felt immediately compelled to come out and help cut up the tree for Morris. And he spent days doing so, by himself, even working the Fourth of July.

"I mean, I just seen her on the news and I could just feel her sympathy in her heart. You know, she needed help, so that's just part of being human. You know, help each other out. And she needed some help. And the dogs, you know, they don't need tree laying on them. So it's just about coming down and giving her some help," said Harris.

Harris has been traveling back in forth from Huntsville to Morris' home in Scottsboro for four and half days cutting the tree up at no charge. He said it makes him feel good to give back, and Morris couldn't be more thankful.

"He's come down here every day nearly. One day he missed, He's come down every day since last Thursday and I'm just grateful. I'm really grateful," said Morris.

"Something accomplished. You know, you feel good about yourself. Like a pat on the back, you know? You know there's still good people out here and stuff like this is good to do for people," added Harris.

"This is my hero right here, my hero," added Morris.

Harris said he hopes to have the tree completely hauled away by this weekend.

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