'Panda' wins 'Tea Mile' run

'Panda' wins 'Tea Mile' run

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - On Wednesday, roughly 10 runners braved the 90 degree heat and a gallon of tea for glory in the third annual "Tea Mile."

Piper and Leaf Tea Co. hosted the event at Rainbow Elementary in Madison.

Runners had to finish a quart of tea before running a quarter mile.

In all, they would drink a gallon of sweet tea (four quarts) and run the mile (four laps).

Any puking would result in a penalty lap or disqualification from the winning prizes, a Piper and Leaf Tea shirt, coupon and/or pride.

The company encouraged runners to donate money and food for the Food Bank of North Alabama.

Semiprofessional ultimate Frisbee player Elijah Jaime won the race, running a 13:15 mile in a panda suit. He said he wore it for the youth group he leads.

"They're all about Pandas, so they had panda suits for a while that they wore. They kind of like adopted me into their group and gave me one on my way out. Just got to rep them whenever I can," he said.

Jaime fell short of the race record, 12:55, and said he's done drinking tea for a year.

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