2 north Alabama businesses hit with spoofing scam

2 north Alabama businesses hit with spoofing scam
(Source: WAFF 48 News)

(WAFF) - Getting a phone call and realizing there's a scammer on the other end is something most of us have experienced.

Two local business owners say someone is using their numbers part of a scam.

"My phone just wouldn't stop ringing, and it went like that for hours. It was kind of funny at first but then it wouldn't stop," Greg Banks said.

Last week, Banks was the center of a social media post. A WAFF 48 News anchor posted his number claiming she was getting nonstop calls about extended warranties and loans. Several people commented on the post sharing their own testimonies of run-ins with the number. It turns out that number belonged to Banks, an Arab resident.

"People would text back and call threatening me, so I don't know what was being said to them," Banks admitted.

After getting several of those threatening messages, Banks contacted his phone carrier, Verizon. They told him that he would have to change his number, which puts a burden on his business.

"The only thing they have for me is that phone number, ya know, and nowadays your cellphone number is like your social security number. It's tied to you," Banks said.

Another businesses was also targeted.

Smartphone Medics in Madison was also hit with the same spoofing scam. They called their phone provider as well, but didn't get far.

"They basically told us there was nothing they could do about it and that we could file a report with the FTC," Jeff Sandridge said.

They were also told they would have to change their number, but with thousands poured into advertisement, that is out of the question. Now, both businesses are left hoping this spoofing scam doesn't have a lasting effect.

WAFF 48 News stopped by some of the major phone carriers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Verizon) and got the same response. When asked about these incidents, we were referred to their corporate marketing executives whom we haven't heard back from.

Banks has changed his number with the hope that his clientele will catch on to the change.

Sandridge has toughed it out, hoping the calls will eventually die down.

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