More bears spotted in Marshall County; this time at Georgia Mountain RV Resort

More bears spotted in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Several campers at the Georgia Mountain RV Resort say they saw as many as four bears. Their reaction to seeing them was rather unusual.

Sherry Richards and her husband Sonny saw the bears near a wooded area just behind their RV.

"We've been coming for eight years and have never seen a bear. We've seen deer, lots of bunny rabbits. And we love them, but never a bear," said Richards.

"It was just so exciting to get to see the bear. And it was so pretty I just wanted to go hug him, but the policeman said no," added Richards.

Sonny Richards said he wasn't going to get close to the bear, but he wasn't surprised that his wife wanted to.

"Well there was four bears. We only saw them one at the time. The first bear that I saw was going into the woods and I thought it was the biggest black dog that I'd ever seen," said Richards.

Richards went down to the woods on his golf cart to see what it was. Sherry grabbed her camera and started taking pictures. Sonny said another bear was spotted at a nearby home, he knew it was a different one.

"Well when I got down there, I realized it wasn't the same bear. Because the first bear had a red snout and the bears that my wife took pictures of had a tan snout," added Richards.


Sheriff's deputies saw two more bears along Highway 69 that quickly disappeared into the woods.

Thomas Smith, a part-owner of the Georgia Mountain RV Resort, said they've never seen anything like it and reactions from campers were mixed.

"It was pretty exciting for most. Some were pretty alarmed. There were several bears there, so we were cautioning not to feed them. They got into some of the birdfeeders. Kind of fun to watch," said Smith.

No matter how pretty the bear may have appeared, Richards says she realizes a hug probably wasn't the best idea.

"Because I would have probably been the slowest one running to get away and it would have caught me," added Richards.

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