Kitchen Cops for June 29th

Kitchen Cops for June 29th

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - We're checking in with the Madison County kitchen cops, who paid a visit to nearly 150 different restaurants and shops this week.

A vast majority got great scores, but there were some problems out there you need to know about.

We'll start with the lowest score in the county this week, the Chevron on Drake Avenue, which got a 79. There were issues with sandwiches being at the wrong temperature.

Inspectors also found no paper towels at the sinks and unlabeled cleaning chemicals. We're told the manager fixed all of these issues by the follow-up visit.

Tortora's Wood Fire Grille in Hampton Cove had problems with the sinks. Inspectors say one was so cluttered, they couldn't use them. The sink in the restroom also had no hot water.

The restaurant was also written up for dirty ice machines, dented cans in the pantry and questions about some of the steak. Those brought Tortora's score down to an 82.

But, like we said, it wasn't all gloom and doom. Here are this week's top performers.

  • The Lucky Dice Cafe in Huntsville gets a perfect 100 score.
  • The Baby Bite Bake Shop on Airport road earns a 98.
  • The Whitesburg Baptist Cafe earns a 99.

Most places visited by the Kitchen Cops in the Shoals this week were on their best behavior. In fact, all the scores in Colbert County were great!

But, that wasn't the case in Franklin County. The Vulcan Foodmart on Highway 24 in Russellville has the lowest score in northwest Alabama this week with a 76.

Inspectors found what they call an excessive amount of flies in the kitchen. There was also a meat thermometer giving temperature readings 40 degrees off. And employees were spotted not washing their hands before prepping food.

The Oakland Cafe in Florence had the lowest score in Lauderdale County after inspectors found flies in the prep area there. There were also some issues with the safety certification. Still, those violations only brought the score down to 86.

Two of our Shoals top performers are from Colbert County. The Creative Grape in Sheffield scores a 98, and the Palace Soda Shop in Tuscumbia gets a 99. Rick's Barbeque in Florence gets a 96.

Kitchen Cops Scores Report

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