Kitchen Cops Find Serious Issues in Phil Campbell, Huntsville

Kitchen Cops Find Serious Issues in Phil Campbell, Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We have our lowest score in months from the Kitchen Cops.

Dismal's Canyon Deli in Phil Campbell lives up to its name, with a dismal score of 65. The concession stand at the Dismal Canyon park had several serious issues, including toxic items stored with clean dishes, personal food kept near customer food, and employees using bare hands on food.

Staying in Phil Campbell, the Piggly Wiggly deli has a problem with flies. Inspectors wrote that up in their report on June 12th and gave the deli 10 days to fix the issue. There were also missing thermometers, and food being held at the wrong temperature. The deli earned an 80 on its health inspection report.

The Lauderdale County kitchen cops had to make a lot of on-scene corrections at the Mongolian Grill Buffet on Cox Creek Parkway. They earned an 81 after inspectors found missing towels at a sink, pooling grease around a container, and some food at the wrong temperature.

Moving east - a  huge problem at the budget Inn on Boyd Chapel in Elkmont. Inspectors found poisonous or toxic containers not labeled right. That alone was enough to send their score down to 83.

In Madison County, a lot of issues at the Fuji Japanese Cuisine restaurant on Winchester Road in Riverton. Inspectors say managers weren't keeping track of how old the raw fish was for months.

There were also several dirty dishes and utensils noted. It earned an 83 and a return visit from inspectors. All of those issued were taken care of on that second visit.

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Here are this week's top performers

  • 99 - Red Clay Epicurean (Sheffield)
  • 99 – Lawler’s BBQ (Killen)
  • 100 – Los Primos (Russellville)
  • 99 – La Jalisco Tienda Mexicana (Hartselle)
  • 98 - Honey & Big Girl (Lacey’s Spring)
  • 98 – Yogurt Mountain (Hampton Cove)
  • 98 – Jason’s Deli (Whitesburg Drive, Huntsville)
  • 97 – Ole Dad’s BBQ (Hazel Green)

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