Medicaid proposes work requirements

Medicaid proposes work requirements

(WAFF) - A Medicaid work required proposal is being finalized for the state, which the governor is pushing to approve.

The Alabama Arise Policy Project states the Medicaid work requirement proposal could possibly take away health coverage from people who depend on it most.

This proposal targets 75,000 of the poorest people in the state. Advocates for those people say it will create a no-win situation because people lose coverage if they don't work and if they do work. This means if you work just 10 hours on minimum wage then you are making too much money to be on Medicaid.

Advocates say this targets people at home taking care of their children and senior citizens. The work requirement would mean those caregivers would also have to pay for childcare and transportation to a job, which many of those people can't afford.

The Alabama Arise Policy Project wants this proposal rejected.

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