Black bear spotted in NE Alabama

Black bear spotted in NE Alabama

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A black bear sighting in northern Jackson County has caused quite a stir for the residents there.

It comes on the heels of state officials saying that the black bear population in Northeast Alabama is growing.

Hannah Vest says there's always been rumors that there are bear in this area but now she is a believer.

Kayla Smith of Higdon says, "I was seeing things."

"Honestly, I thought I was in a dream," says Vest, also of Higdon.

Seeing a bear in Jackson County isn't something that happens every day.

"I mean it's pretty cool because they're not really around here and we got to see one in our own yard," says Vest. She got an eye full when her mom told her to come outside Sunday morning because there was a bear in the yard.

"I was just nervous because I didn't know what it was going to do, you know?" says Vest.

The bear was also seen across Highway 71 and could have been a religious bear.

"Went across the church parking lot and was even on the church steps and stood there for like two or three seconds," says Smith.

"It was great. We just went to the Smoky Mountains last week and never saw a bear," says Vest. She says it's odd that she saw a bear at home and not on vacation.

Some people have said they look forward to seeing the bear if it comes back out.  Others say they hope they never see it again.

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