Kitchen Cops for June 13 in Limestone and Morgan Counties

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A box with 80 pairs of those disposable food prep gloves costs $10 at Target. But not wearing them costs several local restaurants big time in this week's Limestone and Morgan County Kitchen Cops report.

Whether you call it "IHop" or "IHob", the International House of Pancakes and/or burgers in Athens got two major violations in its inspection last Friday.

An employee spotted not washing their hands and grease pooling around cans. That earned them an 85 and a repeat visit soon.

Greenbrier Fuel City on Swancott Road was one point higher with an 86. Inspectors found dirty drink nozzles and ice makers, and employees touching food without gloves.

In Morgan County, more problems with barehanded employees touching your food, this time at the Sonic on Highway 31 in Hartselle. They get an 86.

At the Pizza Hut by the Decatur Mall, the Kitchen Cops couldn't find any hand drying towels.

And the salad bar was at the wrong temperature. Lettuce, cheese, and eggs all too warm. That's an 85, the lowest score of the week in Morgan County.

Our best bets this week in Athens, the Athens Square Coffee Shop, and the Who Dat Cooking in the Limestone Flea Market both earned 97's, and the Cinemagic Theater on Jefferson Street got 96.

And the top scores in Morgan County, Spring Avenue Food Mart gets a 93, Kickin butts BBQ in Eva gets a 96, and in Somerville, Gurley's Soggy Bottom Barn gets a 97.

To look for more restaurants and see their scores, click here.

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