Plans laid out for moving students from now-closed Paint Rock Valley School

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Last month marked the end for Paint Rock Valley School. The Jackson County school board voted to close the school due to a number of costs associated with keeping it open.

So what's next for the students impacted by the change? School officials have developed a plan to take the students from Paint Rock Valley and put in the rest of the system, but that has not yet gotten board approval.

More than 70 students will be going to a new school in August after the board voted to close Paint Rock School.

Superintendent Kevin Dukes said there's a dividing line and students will be going to either Skyline or Woodville.

As far as busing, a bus will be going to every house.

Four tenured teachers are being given the option which school they wish to go, and Dukes said they're hoping the lunchroom staff can make a new home at Woodville.

Technology equipment has already been removed from Paint Rock Valley and will find uses elsewhere.


Dukes said there's good news from the state for students who transfer and wish to play sports.

"In this situation only the home rule is out so whichever school they pick and choose, whether it be Skyline or Woodville, they will be automatically eligible this school year," said Dukes.

Dukes said they plan to submit their plan for the board's approval on June 28.

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