Korean Catholic leader in Huntsville wary of North Korea, hopes for successful summit

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are meeting Tuesday to talk the Hermit Kingdom's nuclear missile program. On Monday night, one Korean-American in Huntsville is skeptical of the summit's success.

Sam Heo was born in South Korea two years before the start of the Korean War. He and his wife moved to northern Alabama in 1986 and became involved in the local Korean Catholic community. He is now chairman of the Pastoral Council Committee for the Korean community operating out of the Holy Spirit Church on Airport Road.

"We pray every day for Korean Peninsula," Heo said.

He has siblings still in South Korea and said he's lucky.

"Many of my friends, they have family, brothers, sisters, even parents are living in North Korea, but they do not know if they are alive or not," he said.


Heo said he supports the summit and its intentions but wants to see North Korean actions before Trump gives any concessions.

"I really don't believe the north side, North Korea, they'll take any action," he said.

He said Kim's regime is not trustworthy and questioned the negotiations over the country's human rights violations against its people.

"They don't have any opportunity to travel to next town. We go Huntsville, we go Birmingham, we go even New York. No problem. But the people in North Korea, they don't have any opportunity," said Heo.

Heo said he is hopeful Trump can resolve the missile dispute at the summit but anticipates it could take years.

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