Former Franklin County administrator sentenced to prison

Former Franklin County administrator sentenced to prison

(WAFF) - Crista Madden was sentenced today to 20 years in prison for stealing nearly $753,889 of Franklin County funds. The former administrator will also have to make restitution for the stolen funds.

Probate Judge, Barry Moore says the administration is outraged by Madden's betrayal. He says Madden was entrusted with taxpayers money and was expected to handle that money properly. Moore says Madden stole the county's money for 10 years knowing how it would affect the struggling county.

In December of 2007, Madden began a scheme by which she generated false records of checks and then made the originals payable to herself.

She would create a false purchase order for a fictitious vendor and generate a check payable to that company. Before printing the check, she placed a strip of tape on the paper where the name for payee would be printed.

For county records, she would make a copy of the check that showed the company name. She then removed the tape from the original and reprinted the check with her own name listed as payee.

The check was then deposited into her personal account.  She continued this scheme until she left the position in July of 2017, depositing a total of $753,889 in various private bank accounts that she held.

Crista's scheme was discovered in an audit. After being confronted by Special Agents, Madden gave a full confession to both offenses.

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