Dog in Arab recovering after possible coyote attack

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - A little dog in Arab is recovering after having been attacked possibly by a coyote.

Police say they have been seen from time to time in the city limits. Certainly a scary situation for the Turner family but they're very thankful that their dog is alive.

"I had never even seen a coyote," said Arab resident Vanessa Turner.

But that's what they believe attacked Turner's little dog Tuesday evening. Turner said she took her dog outside just before going to bed. He usually does his business and they go inside.

"Well, that night something startled her and she just zoomed and ran all the way to the back of the yard," said Turner.

And that's when Turner heard her dog screaming and hobbled back wet.

"She doesn't like water and knowing she hadn't gotten into the pond I dried her off with a towel and that's when I saw these puncture marks," said Turner.

On the top of both legs were two puncture wounds, so Turner took Cocoa to the vet.

"He felt most sure that it was a coyote," said Turner.

After that, Turner said she began hearing other stories about coyotes around town even from a neighbor just a couple blocks away.

"The coyote chased her and her dog and pinned them in the garage," said Turner.

So after this week, Turner says she's a lot more careful when she takes Cocoa outside.

"I don't know but she won't be going back out without a leash on her," said Turner.

The good news is Cocoa is expected to make a complete recovery.

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