Grant approves fire protection fee

Grant approves fire protection fee

GRANT, AL (WAFF) - A fire protection fee has passed for the town of Gr ant following Tuesday's election.

Gr ant Fire tried to get the fee passed two years ago but it failed. It passed this time but narrowly with less than 40 votes.

Gr ant Volunteer Fire Department now is on the list of growing fire departments seeking and receiving voter approval for funding to help their departments.

Gr ant has an aging fleet of trucks. Some of them are leaking, and there are always needs for equipment and turnout gear.

The fire protection fee will add $5 per month to the property taxes of those in the fire district. The money in turn will go toward helping the needs of the department.

Gr ant Fire Chief Robert Patterson said without the money they were looking at having to cut services outside the town limits of Gr ant.

"The town of Gr ant could not afford to keep sending us outside the city limits on calls that they really didn't have to start out with, but they always have since 1950 and they did want to continue to do that no matter what, but this fee will ensure that for the people of fire district 21," said Patterson.

The fee is expected to be applied to the next set of property taxes.

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