'Give me a hug': Children alone in New Hope home encounter armed burglar

'Give me a hug': Children alone in New Hope home encounter armed burglar

NEW HOPE, AL (WAFF) - A suspect has been arrested after a home invasion in Madison County. He allegedly broke into a home in New Hope while two young girls where inside the house.

On Tuesday afternoon, New Hope police get a frantic call from a house on T R Christian Road. Two girls under the age of 13 were scared and alone, and a man was inside their home.

"One of the children asked him, 'What are you doing here?' He just came through the window, which was broken into on the side, and came right through the window," said New Hope Police Chief Steve Dick.

Investigators said the suspect, identified as Wade Abbott, had a gun and knife in his hand when he got into the house. The girls were scared but spoke forcefully.

"She told them he needed to leave the home. He says, 'If you give me hug I will leave,' and the girl told him, 'No, we are not giving you a hug.'"

Dick said Abbott was searching for guns to steal. That's when the young girls rushed to the other side of the house to call 911.

Dick said in a situation like that, do not talk to the home invaders. Just call the police.

"They don't need to talk to them. They need to run and hide. That's all you can do at that time. Take the phone and dial 911 and ask for help because we were there within a minute of the time that call came through," he said.

Investigators caught Wade within 20 minutes. They said the girls are shaken up but will eventually be OK.

Abbott was charged with burglary.

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