Huntsville doctor discusses new migraine drug

Huntsville doctor discusses new migraine drug

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - There is finally a drug that prevents migraines instead of just treating them. A Huntsville neurologist says it could improve the lives of migraine sufferers.

The little tube of Aimovig is a new medical breakthrough that will help people who suffer from migraines. All they'll have to do is inject themselves with it once a month.


Dr. Anjaneyulu Alapati of Huntsville Hospital Neurological Associates said he has patients lined up who suffer from chronic migraines even after they take multiple daily medicines.

"This is so convenient to take. Patients who are taking daily pills also may switch it to this once a month injections," said Alapati.

He sees 60 patients a month for migraines. Their symptoms range from throbbing headaches, feeling sick to their stomachs and sensitive to light.

"They might stop working. They might stop driving. They miss work. They sometimes have to go to the ER if they don't respond to the medications," Alapati explained. "There is a chemical substance called CGRP and this chemical causes migraines so this medicine will go into the brain and downgrades this chemical called CGRP."

This helps prevents the migraines from popping up.

"It's supposed to reduce the migraine attacks by 50 percent," Alapati added.

He's excited for his patients to start using this new medication.

"This is first of its kind. It uses a different mechanism this is the only medicine with this mechanism so we expect that it will make a big difference in migraine patients life," he said.

To find out how much it will cost you talk with your insurance provider, click here. It could cost as little as $5 dollars with your co-pay assistance program.

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