Staffing, patrol boats added to Lake Guntersville

Staffing, patrol boats added to Lake Guntersville
Lake Guntersville

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If you plan to hit the water this Memorial Day weekend, you'll have added company.

Alabama Marine Police have increased their staffing in Guntersville over the last few months, but that's not all.

New patrol boats are also hitting the water.

Marine Police have two brand new boats that will allow them to move around faster and helping to keep you safer.

"This is the boat they've been used to for 21 years and now we're transitioning to this and it's different. And people don't pick up on it as quick." said Chuck Ellis, who is new to patrolling the waters of Lake Guntersville. He previously spent sixteen years on the highway.

Ellis is also one of several new troopers hitting the water this summer, a need the area has had for some time.

"We were at an all time low, believe it or not. About six months ago, I was the only trooper assigned to Lake Guntersville for about the last two or three years. And in the last six months we have added three additional troopers to Lake Guntersville." said Marine Police Officer Thomas Bobo.

More boats and more manpower will be patrolling the waters starting this weekend.

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