What is gout? AL doctor explains

What is gout? AL doctor explains

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - Gout is a common form of arthritis that usually affects one joint at a time. It often forms in the big toe joint, ears, or hands. Gout is very painful and is caused by too much uric acid in the body.

"Many different elements can cause a gout flare up from dehydration, kidney problems, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, poor diets, and genetics can cause it as well," said Dr. Mike Hames of Hames Foot Clinic.

Shoals resident Chris Bishop has been living with gout for more than 15 years. It took years before he was properly diagnosed. Bishop said his flareups were painful and unbearable.

Bishop said he learned from experts that gout can be treated effectively and managed with medical treatment and self-management strategies.

"One of the simplest ways they can help themselves is to hydrate drink as much water as possible. Another thing they can do for home remedies is actually drink black cherry juice. Several different studies have shown anywhere from 10 and approximately 45 cherries a day can stop gout attacks," Hames said.

Bishop said people who have gout and need information and support should visit www.goutrevealed.com.

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