Kitchen Cops find contamination concerns

Kitchen Cops find contamination concerns

(WAFF) - The Kitchen Cops are on the beat and handing out some low scores to a few local restaurants.

We'll start in Limestone County, where this week, inspectors marked two spots below an 80.

Las Trojas on Highway 72 earned a 70. The health department says there was meat in the cooler at the wrong temperature, broken equipment and contaminated food put back in the chain to end up on your plate! They'll get a follow-up visit in the next two months to see if they have improved.

The Shoney's on Highway 72 didn't score much higher. They could only muster a 74. Inspectors there found a dirty meat slicer, and chicken and fish being served at temperatures that were too low!

In Decatur, three big strikes against La Guerrerense on 6th Avenue. The Kitchen Cops say there weren't dates on ready-to-eat food, they say they saw workers not washing hands after touching raw meat and then touching ready-to-eat food with bare hands. That earned La Guerrerense an 83 on the report card. In Madison County, Discount Daddies on Highway 53 scored an 81. When inspectors checked it, there was no working hand-sink in the kitchen. They also found chicken thawing in the same sink that utensils are supposed to be washed in.

To look for more restaurants and see their scores, click here.

Here are the results from this week's inspections:
Madison County scores
Madison County inspector's notes
Morgan County scores
Morgan County inspector's notes
Limestone County Scores
Limestone County inspector's notes
Lawrence Scores

How about some recognition for great scores this week?

The bakery at the Sparkman Drive WalMart nailed it. A perfect 100 score!

The Publix on Whitesburg Drive got a 99.

And how about Joe Mo's Ba-Ba-Que in Madison?  They also made the grade with a 99.

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