Students to make presentation on biosolids in Stevenson Tuesday night

Students to make presentation on biosolids in Stevenson Tuesday night

STEVENSON, AL (WAFF) - Some Jackson County middle school students plan to present some information to the community Tuesday about biosolids. They say it's information you need to know.

A group of residents in Jackson County has been pushing to try to get the biosolids out of Jackson County due to the smell. But one teacher at Stevenson Middle School said their research is showing that there is much more to be concerned about.

As part of a Clean Up Jackson County service learning project, students at Stevenson Elementary have uncovered some interesting things about biosolids.

Biosolids are the byproduct of treated sewage.

The group found they're an inexpensive way for farmers to fertilize their pastures.

But they also feel the cons outweigh the pros.

"What we found, we found heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, just about everything humans put in their body also is in these biosolids," said Stevenson Middle School site manager Becky McCoy.

Student Macy Brooks said, "There's mercury, arsenic, and all those little things like copper and lead too. It's actually really dangerous."

The students are preparing a PowerPoint presentation to show the Stevenson community Tuesday night, along with some startling findings about regulation of biosolids.

"And the problem is, in Alabama, EPA does not monitor this, ADEM does not," said McCoy.

Brooks said, "We just need to stop putting that on the fields and put it somewhere else like a landfill maybe."

McCoy said the presentation is only meant to be informational.

"I want them to come and hear for themselves and decide what they think we as a community need to do," said McCoy.

McCoy said their research will continue into the summer.

The presentation will be done in the auditorium at Stevenson Middle School at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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