Police offer home security tips

Police offer home security tips
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Keeping a watchful eye on your property can be difficult with busy lives. New technology can keep watch for us. Police say surveillance equipment is a huge help in solving crime.

Law enforcement seem to see more daytime burglaries in the summertime.

Todd Nelson has 10 cameras around his home. Police say just the sight of them could scare off potential thieves.

"I have cameras that cover the entire exterior front and back yard of the house and a few inside the house," Nelson explained. "There is nowhere to hide from the range of the camera."

Nelson said he uses his home surveillance system for much more than catching criminals.

"Not just theft or anything like that. Did my package arrive or did my contractor that I had hired show up do the things that I hired them to do." he said.

When he is on vacation the live video keeps his mind at ease.

"It's as easy as pulling it up on your phone you can see whether there is an issue or not or if it's a false alarm," Nelson said.

Camera systems are making it much easier for law enforcement to crack crimes.

"Any officer out here can tell you from experience that a lot of these burglaries are solved a little bit better with video," said Huntsville police Lt. Michael Johnson.

Here are some tips if you install the surveillance cameras:

  • Surveillance video with audio is a plus
  • Point them at all the entry points like doorways, some of the more accessible larger windows, and garages

Here are ways to prevent thieves from breaking in if you don't have cameras:

  • Trim back your shrubbery and trees this will prevent the criminal opportunity to hide or go into your house covertly
  • Keep your outside lights on at night
  • Make sure all cars and doors are locked
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to watch your home ask your local police to make vacation checks when you are away

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