Car dealership teams with Arab Fire Department to promote fire training

Car dealership teams with Arab Fire Department to promote fire training
(Source: WAFF)

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - Firefighters undergo lots of training to make sure they're ready to spring into action for you and your loved ones if called upon. In Marshall County, one department is getting some special training.

It came about after the generosity of a growing business.

Jerry Damson is looking forward to demolishing part of a building. Meanwhile, the Arab Fire Department is always looking for a way for real life training, so they came together for a day.

The old Food World portion of a shopping complex will become the newest Jerry Damson Ford dealership. This part will be torn down to become a 28 bay service center.

The dealership is teaming up with Arab Fire Department to let them use some of the demolition area to train.

On Tuesday, they practiced being able to break into the building, not through the door, but through the concrete wall.

The Arab Fire Department gets a donor house every once in a while to train, but a commercial building is a rarity.

"It just sharpens a skill that you might not use very much. Reminds you not to get complacent in a job that can kill you, a lot of stuff, important stuff. Like I said, low frequency but high risk when it does come," said Lt. Kyle Powell.

"We needed to expand and when we got the opportunity to get the Food World. We were honored to do that and because demolition is starting tomorrow, it's a great day to train today," said Ben Boles with Jerry Damson Ford.

The new Jerry Damson facility is expected to be renovated sometime in 2019.

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