Provocative 'Gun Share' artwork sparks discussion in Chicago

Provocative 'Gun Share' artwork sparks discussion in Chicago
(Source: NBC Chicago)

(NBC) - Bike-sharing stations have become commonplace in many big cities, but a new art installation designed to evoke that image is turning a lot of heads in Chicago.

The exhibit called "Chicago Gun Share Program" depicts replicas of AR-15 guns that are locked into a rack similar to bike sharing stations.

The display has signage like "unlock and load," and also features a place for people to donate to the Brady Center, which advocates for stricter gun control legislation.

Another sign near the exhibit features statistics that compare gun laws in Illinois and Indiana and points out that one in five guns used in committing crimes in Chicago actually comes from Indiana.

You can't take the mock rifles off of the art piece, which will be on display until Wednesday.

Those who have visited the site says that you will take away the artwork's powerful message, whether or not you agree with it.

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