DeKalb County experiencing booming economic growth

DeKalb County experiencing booming economic growth
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DEKALB COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - DeKalb County is experiencing huge economic growth. Many businesses are expanding, several more are starting up, and that equals more jobs.

Poultry processing is just some of the industries that are expanding in DeKalb County, and officials say much of this expansion is caused by incentives.

"This year, we've gotten about $100 million in on the chicken poultry industry with Koch Foods," said DeKalb County Economic Development Authority executive director Jimmy Durham.

Expansions in the poultry industry are just some of the industries expanding in DeKalb County. Some businesses are expanding while others are starting up new businesses.

Durham says the tax cuts passed by Washington seem to be driving this economy forward.

"The new tax law is letting you write off investments sooner. All these things have stimulated these companies going ahead and making moves they've been just sitting on," said Durham.

Officials at G2 Supply would agree. In the last year, they've ditch the place they were renting in favor of buying their own home base because of a booming economy.

"The opportunity is here. It's local. We're home owned and operated," said G2 Supply manager Matt Hale.

G2 Supply is also getting local tax abatements, and that money, Hale says, is being put back into the business in the form of human capital.

"We're currently right now looking to hire two to three more people soon. Right away," Hale said.

But economic growth and a low unemployment rate can cause problems.

Durham says the county's unemployment rate is around 3.9 percent. That's good but it creates a problem for industry to find qualified workers.

Durham says they're working with area schools to drive students to career tech fields which he feels will be the hot jobs for the future.

"I think you're seeing more people coming out of four-year schools having a harder time finding jobs where technical students, they've got jobs waiting on them. All they've got to do is get out of school and they can go to work," said Durham.

Officials say to deal with the shortage companies are looking beyond the county lines to find workers.

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