Limestone Co neighborhood wants speed bumps, county says no

Limestone Co neighborhood wants speed bumps, county says no
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LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Several parents say speeders are taking over their Limestone County neighborhood and are afraid small children may get hit. They believe a bus crash earlier this week could have been avoided if drivers would slow down.

"I don't think we're asking too much," says Erica Ham, who is exhausted after years of asking County Commissioners for speed bumps.

"I think if you saw the number of people who are not just speeding, recklessly driving, that maybe you would get why we're begging and pleading to pay attention to us. I think if there child was to walk out in the middle of the road and they had cars going at 40 miles per hour they would want something done too," Ham adds.

Ateneh Graham has small children and has lived in the neighborhood for several years. She doesn't allow her children to play outside unattended because she fears for their safety.

"I think in a neighborhood, you should feel safer, safe enough, I'd say, to let your kids play in the yard," she says. Her and her husband say they've witnessed cars going at least 45 mph. 

Graham's children were on-board the bus this week involved in the accident. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Another concern is that drivers use their neighborhood as a way around rush hour traffic. It connects Old Railroad Bed Rd & Sanderson Rd. The only other way around is Capshaw Rd.

"I've contacted the commissioners and they say they don't put speed bumps out for a liability issue for small cars. It's a little disappointing and hurtful that we care more about small cars than small children," Graham says.

Commissioner Steve Turner represents that district. He says the only true way to stop speeders is to beef up police patrol. Graham and Ham both say they've seen an increase in patrols, but add that they can't be there all of the time.

Turner says the county engineer believes adding speed bumps would slow down emergency responders to the neighborhood. He also added that they've never gotten into the practice of installing them anywhere across the county.

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