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Natural method to ward off mosquitoes

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Have you gotten bit yet? We're talking about those pesky mosquitoes. It's only time until swarms will be in your backyard. So what is the cheapest way to repel those tiny but annoying insects?

If you always gets tons of bug bites, you'll try anything to keep them off of you. Have you tried the natural method to control the pests?

Many of the plants that keep away mosquitoes smell lemony fresh: lemon thyme, lemon balm and lemon grass. Some of the repellent plants are temporary. They just last the summer. But others live all year long.

The oils in the plants ward off mosquitoes and some flies. There are chemicals to spray, but those break down in water or sunshine.

The plants cost as little as $10, and the owner of Bennett's Nursery said it's best to plant these mosquito repellent plants in pots.

“That way you can move the pots around you can appreciate them much closer to where you are sitting on the porch as opposed to putting them in the yard. Sunshine is going to be best for most of these and some of these plants are herbs, and herbs for the most part need at least a half a day of sun or more to be happy," said Jeff Bennett, co-owner of Bennett’s Nursery.

All it takes is just a bottle cap of water to breed mosquitoes, so the gardening experts say look around your yard and check for any standing water, especially those gutters.

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