Moulton PD Facebook page disappears following post on missing woman

Moulton PD Facebook page disappears following post on missing woman
Jennifer White was last seen driving her Tahoe in Moulton on Sunday afternoon (Source: Moulton Police Department)

MOULTON, AL (WAFF) - A police update on a woman missing almost a month not only generated strong reactions, but the department's Facebook page disappeared soon after.

The search for Jennifer Marshell White, wife of Moulton City Councilman Brent White, is still ongoing. The lengthy search has garnered national attention.

On Friday, the Moulton Police Department released new information on Facebook. They said, among other things, White sent suicidal text messages to her family the night she left, there is no evidence of foul play, she is bipolar, was on several medications, was "believing things that are not true," and was strained from raising four children.

Police also said her husband has been interviewed and they do not believe he is involved in her disappearance. They also said speculation of an affair by her husband is not true.

The reaction to the initial post was strong yet mixed. Some were glad to see police give new information. Others were angry that police shared medical and personal information on social media.

Family members were among those who fired back at the online posts. White's daughter, Allison Cross, said she was outraged.

"Why are they attacking her? We're not talking about just one statement. Every 'fact,' as they said, was attacking her character and her mental state," said Cross.

Cross also denied her mother was ever diagnosed as bipolar.

"Finding her and finding justice is what gets us through this. And we won't stop," said Beth Gilchrist, another of White's daughters.

The original post was put up before noon and generated more than 700 shares and 600 comments within three hours.

The police department released a second statement a few hours later saying they wanted to clarify that White's husband gave permission to post about her health concerns and the "dangerous side effects of the medication she was taking." They also said they did not mean to imply she was an unfit parent or grandparent.

They deleted both posts around 3 p.m. Within an hour, their whole Facebook page was taken down.

Gilchrist said she watched officers remove the post. She said she believes this proves it was an internal and intentional act.


WAFF 48 has reached out to the police department but has not heard back.

Here are the social media posts before they were deleted.

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