Arab man says Cody Light stole from him years ago

Arab man says Cody Light stole from him years ago
Photo of Cody Light (Source: Arab Police Department)

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - A Marshall County man wanted for shooting at a district attorney investigator has been captured in Louisiana.

Cody Light was shot by police while trying to escape. Now, he will be transported back to Alabama.

Court records show Cody Light has had run ins with the law since at least 2004, mainly breaking into cars and homes and stealing cars.

One young man in Arab learned firsthand.

"I don't know really how to take it. Praying for the family and then I hate that it happened like that. I don't know if he'd going to make it or not," said Arab resident Martin Mitchell.

Mitchell says he knows Light, who is believed to have shot at a Marshall County district attorney investigator before fleeing to Louisiana, going on a rampage of stealing vehicles and breaking into homes before being shot by police.

Mitchell says in 2015, he and Light used to be friends.

"Well, he came over and needed a place to crash for the night. He stayed the night several times before and I was like yeah you can stay on the couch," said Mitchell.

But when Mitchell woke up he had a new perspective of the person he called a friend.

"The work truck where I was working all the tools were gone, the radio was gone, GPS was gone. He's gone. Doors wide open. It was a big mess," said Mitchell.


Mitchell said Light later came and apologized but it was a tough lesson on learning what a friend can do.

"It was a bad experience. It put me through a lot of trouble and stuff with my boss man. Had to pay a lot of money back but we all learn from our mistakes," said Mitchell.

Light is expected to face a slew of charges in Louisiana.

No word on when he could be extradited to Alabama to face the charges here.

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