Video: Hostile encounter between Harmony Park Safari employee, visitor

Video: Hostile encounter between Harmony Park Safari employee, visitor

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Caught on camera: a Harmony Park Safari employee is seen throwing a park visitor's entry fee on the ground after he denies hitting her sport utility vehicle with his golf cart.

"He started laughing, and said, 'Post it on Facebook, get your lawyer, whatever. They're going to laugh,'" said Rebekah Bussey, the mom shown in the now-viral video.

But laughter isn't quite the reaction the Bussey's video is getting on Facebook. Folks commenting on the original video uploaded by the Busseys are upset.

The video has more than 7,000 shares in less than 24 hours. It shows the owner of Harmony Safari Park in Huntsville refusing to acknowledge that he allegedly hit the Bussey's car, then throwing their money on the ground.

"They started videoing before he turned around, and the video tells the rest," Bussey said. "After, we were walking to the car because I didn't know if he could arrest me. He circled us three times, saying I was going to be arrested, I was trespassing."

Bussey said she spent hours at a nearby gas station filing a police report about the incident afterward. The Madison County Sheriff's Office confirms the Busseys filed a private property accident report. The sheriff's office said park employees have not filed any reports nor called at this time.

Bussey said after she posted that video, she discovered it may not be an isolated incident.

"I got a call almost immediately from a girl who said, 'We got thrown out last year. He came out and told us we were trespassing and he was going to arrest us,'" said Bussey. "I said, 'Are you kidding?'"

Bussey said she just wanted an apology, but so far, she hasn't heard anything from anyone yet.

"Even a simple apology, but we haven't gotten that. Nobody has commented anything or tried to get in touch," Bussey said.

WAFF 48 News reached out to the park to get a comment and their side of the story. They have not returned our calls yet.

The Huntsville park is the same place where a 9-year-old was bitten on the head by a Kangaroo last year.

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