Landowner on Lauderdale County Road 30 wants speed bumps

Landowner on Lauderdale County Road 30 wants speed bumps
(Source: WAFF)

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The St. Florian community in Lauderdale County is still coming to grips with the death of three Wilson High School teens. However, the property owner on Lauderdale County Road 30 where the tragic accident happened this past Thursday is speaking out.

Ricky Albright says this road is known for people to speed on and the county needs to do get speed bumps on the road.

Students Braden Turner, Coby Hines and Tyler Nelson died in the crash. Two teenagers from Florence are recovering from injuries.


"l wants to try to get the highway department of the county to put speed breakers or road bumps on both sides of that hill," said Albright. "Because we don't want this happening to kids again."

Albright says at night, drivers bolt down the road. He says some teenagers call it the "up and down" road.

The St. Florian police are still investigating the cause for the wreck, but they did confirm that the road was wet and foggy the night of the accident.

"We see people come through here at a high rate of speed and I found out that the kids have been doing this for some time. It's well-known throughout the area by the young people," said Albright.

Our news team did try to reach the Lauderdale County Transportation Department to find out if they plan to address concerns. We have not heard back from them as of now.

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