Troopers: Teen drivers more likely to crash

Troopers: Teen drivers more likely to crash
(Source: WAFF)

(WAFF) - Alabama State Trooper J.R Ward in the Shoals says statistics show teens are four times more likely to die or be injured in a car crash than older drivers.

Ward says many accidents involving teen drivers are caused by distracted driving. Teens are inexperienced. They don't have the ability to handle multiple passengers in the car, driving at night, avoiding speed, and they are more prone to use their cellphones while driving.

"Knowing where your kids are going, know what your kids are doing, and know who your kids are with," said Ward. "We can begin the process of being parents and having good drivers by first training them."

Parents can help their kids by reminding them to turn off their phones when driving, do not allow more than one passenger in the car, and to have the passenger send a text for the driver if it cannot wait.

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