Deadline approaching for Bellefonte plant

Deadline approaching for Bellefonte plant
(Source: WAFF)

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The deadline is fast approaching for the investment group that purchased the Bellefonte nuclear power plant nearly two years ago.

"This will be the largest project in the history of Alabama. There are some things that have happened that have led us to believe that this may be a real project and come to be a real reality for us." said Rick Roden with the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce.  He thinks they are closer than ever before to finalizing the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant in Jackson County, an on-again off-again project since the 1970s.

TVA sold the plant to Franklin Haney of Nuclear Development LLC in 2016.

"Living here, growing up here,  this has been up and down many years. And TVA has been great to us, they are a great partner in our area. It's just never worked out for them, for their timing, for it to happen." said Shelia Shepard with the Economic Development Authority. She is excited at the prospect of getting the plant online for the jobs it would bring.

"For several years, there would be thousands of construction jobs, which would be a big boom for our area. We have seen in the past, when there's something that large, people will come to work temporarily, but end up staying and living here." said Shepard.

Roden says the construction jobs could range from five to seven thousand over 6-8 years,and then 2,000 permanent jobs. Not to mention, a tremendous amount of  retail growth.

The deadline to finalize the Bellefonte deal is Novemeber.

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