Geraldine promotes sexual assault awareness

Geraldine promotes sexual assault awareness
Geraldine celebrated Teal Day to highlight sexual assault awareness. (Source: WAFF)

GERALDINE, AL (WAFF) - In recent months, there's been a lot of talk about sexual assault by men in power, especially in politics and show business. That talk is more poignant right now as it's Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

With the conviction of Bill Cosby on Thursday, officials hope to get the message about sexual assault to these teens while they're young.

On Friday, Geraldine celebrated Teal Day, which is the color for sexual assault awareness, and officials say they're celebrating with a Teal Gate Party at Geraldine High School.

Officials at Family Services of North Alabama say they're hoping to spread the word of their services through events like these. The Albertville-based group serves Marshall and DeKalb counties and people ages 14 and up.

Victim Services director Sherrie Hiett says they're available to schools if they get a call from a counselor of a sexual attack.

Hiett says it's important teens know there's someone to talk to.

"Find a safe person. Tell that safe person. Try to disclose to someone. Make sure that, especially if they're dating someone, make sure that they know who they are first," said Hiett.

Hiett says victims can also call their crisis line at 855-878-9159.

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