My Take - Game On

With summer fast approaching it means time for youth soccer, baseball, swimming, and many other popular summer time sports. As a parent we might consider taking a part in sharing our knowledge and time by volunteering to coach. The experience can be both challenging and rewarding.  It gives you the opportunity to teach a sport and emphasize education and character building to our youth. Being a volunteer coach can teach kids that you have a personal commitment to your child's development. It helps fosters success through positive interaction, shows feedback and the ability to value teamwork. It’s an opportunity to be a mentor and role model for your child and others around you. As a coach it’s an opportunity to uphold the spirit of the game, to teach respect for your opponents and opposing players and instill a true desire to do good. If you have the time consider adding this to your summer plans. 

Volunteering to coach this summer will make a difference in the lives of those around you. 

I’m Dave Thomason, that’s “My Take” what’s yours?

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