Grieving Huntsville mother demands answers to son's murder

Grieving Huntsville mother demands answers to son's murder
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Two months later and a Huntsville mother still doesn't know why her son was killed. Shaun Boldin was strangled and beaten to death on Valentine's Day.

"He always came to his momma when he needed something. He is the only child I have and he was a sweet guy," Shaun Boldin's mother said.

All she has left are memories and pictures of her son.

"They didn't let me see my son. The county told me that he was brutally murdered," she said.

Her last memory of her son alive was the happiest she'd seen him.

"He got paid that day from Zaxby's and he was so proud," she said.

Two homeless men, Michael Stoltzfus and James Romans, are charged with his death. She recognized one of the men from a picture Shaun showed her.

"He's the one that admitted that he straddled my son, where his arms were down straight and he was choking him and was beating him in the head," his mother said.


The 31-year-old's body was found in an abandoned apartment unit off Boxwood Drive in Huntsville where neighbors said people would come and go as they pleased. It was like a place for folks who were kicked out of homeless shelters.

"How do you let somebody just move into an apartment and all they have is cold water and they stay there. I really want to know who owns that property, who manages that property, I think they should be responsible for some of this," the mother said.

WAFF 48 News tried to get some answers.

"This is private property," a maintenance manager said. "I can't even go in and ask to see if I can speak with a manager? Is the manager in there?" WAFF reporter asked. "He said they would get in touch with you."

WAFF 48 News never received a call. We wanted to find out if they knew transients were using the unit and what they've done since the murder to prevent another crime from happening.

Huntsville police code enforcement officers checked out the apartment in question again this week and found it to be secure and compliant.

Boldin's mother is worried she might not live to see the justice her son deserves.

"They might get 25 years, but the thing about that is they get food and shelter. My son doesn't have that anymore. He doesn't have his life," she said.

Huntsville police said they've gotten multiple calls for years to North Ridge Apartments. They want to remind people that police can't simply walk into any unit without the apartments cooperation, evidence or suspicion of a crime. They are closely monitoring the situation there.

Stoltzfus will be in court on May 2.

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