Boaz approves 1 cent sales tax

Boaz approves 1 cent sales tax
(Source: WAFF)

BOAZ, AL (WAFF) - The Boaz City Council has approved a 1 cent sales tax, raising the tax rate there to 9 percent.

Mayor David Dyar says none of the funds will be going to increased salaries or anything like that. He says it will only be going to things that will help the citizens of Boaz.

If you're paying college tuition you may not like the idea.

"I feel like if we're paying more tax dollars. I feel like it should go to something more useful than roads," said college student Payton Bannister.

The revenue is expected to generate nearly $2.3 million in new revenue. Sixty-five percent of that will go to roads.

"If the streets need work, yeah. I think if the streets need fixing, we need to fix the streets for sure," said Scott Williams, who wants to see the streets paved.


Twenty-five percent of the money is designated to capital. Officials at the street department say they're working with outdated and dilapidated equipment.

"It's very difficult for us to be out doing what we need to be doing when we're in the shop making repairs," said Boaz street superintendent Kenny Smith.

Dyar hopes to replace the outdated equipment with two limb trucks, a street sweeper, and a leaf vacuum truck that can be more efficient by not having three people to operate it.

"The new piece of equipment is an automated piece of equipment that can collect our leaves with just a driver," said Smith.

The remaining ten percent of funds will be placed in a reserve account.

The 1 cent sales tax goes into effect July 1.

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