EXCLUSIVE: Mom of woman murdered in Decatur motel speaks

EXCLUSIVE: Mom of woman murdered in Decatur motel speaks
Tiara (left) & Marlene Cole (right) | Source: Family
(Source: Family)
(Source: Family)
(Source: Family)
(Source: Family)

Nearly a year later and Marlene Cole is still on a quest for love. "I miss hearing her say mom I love you,” an emotional Cole said. Her daughter, 22-year-old Tiara Cole, was found dead inside a Quality Inn in Decatur last summer.

Tiara was a cheerleader, an aunt and overall caring person, her mother says.

"If you met Tiara automatically you would feel good cause that's how she was. She would make you feel that way,” Cole said.

Life for Tiara and Marlene was pretty normal until one Saturday last summer. It started with a visit from the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office where they lived in Georgia.

“All I remember is seeing his face say homicide. That's all I remember,” Cole vaguely recollected.

Tiara was dead. Her body was discovered by a maid who made the initial call to police. Cole’s 2013 Toyota Camry was reported missing and later found back near Atlanta driven by Carey Davis, Jr. He was arrested by the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office for unrelated charges, extradited back to Alabama and then charged with Cole’s murder.

Marlene revisits that night.

"I just kept seeing her fighting this person off of her. Trying to get away from him, trying to save herself....and that just killed me, that killed me,” Cole said crying.

Tuesday, a special bond hearing was requested by Davis’ attorney. It was the first time Marlene came face-to-face with her daughters alleged murderer.

"For him to stand five feet away from me was very, very difficult."

"We thought that a 250-thousand dollar bond was more than appropriate, we argued against it. We argued those facts to support our position, but at the end of the day the judge did lower the bond to 150-thousand dollars. I understand the victims' family's frustration with that...we too were frustrated by it,”

Scott Anderson, Morgan County District Attorney said.

"I remember saying to the judge that I don't know if I can function if he gets out and is living in the same state as us. It's already hard, but that would be...I just can't do that,” Cole added.

Marlene wanted Tiara’s story to be told. She said it’s what she deserved.

Understandably, she still gets emotional talking about her. "I'll never get to see her walk down the aisle, I'll never get to see her have babies....she's never gonna be here again, and I'll never experience that,” Cole said.


The toughest part for Marlene has been letting go of her little girl. As much as she'd like to be near Tiara and wrap her arms around her, it's not possible anymore. So, all she can do is love her.

"I miss you. I miss you very much.I miss you being beside me in the car on the road trip. I just miss hearing your laugh. I miss seeing you play with the girls. I miss hearing them say Aunt TT. I just miss her," Cole said crying.

Scott Anderson, Morgan County District Attorney, says Davis will go before a grand jury in the next couple of weeks and from there they prepare for trial.

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