Huntsville city councilman arrested for DUI

Huntsville city councilman arrested for DUI
(Source: WAFF 48 News)
(Source: WAFF 48 News)
(Source: WAFF 48 News)
(Source: WAFF 48 News)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville City Councilman Will Culver, who represents District 5, was arrested early Sunday morning on multiple DUI related charges.

Culver was booked into the Madison County Jail at 2:26 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on the wrong side of the road, failing to use required turning signals and improper lane usage.

According to Huntsville police, the traffic stop occurred in the area of Oakwood Avenue and Brandon Town Road by a DUI Officer.

"As far as releasing more details, we cannot comment at this time," said HPD spokesman, Lt. Michael Johnson.

Culver's attorney, George Flowers, appeared in court Monday morning and filed a written waiver of arraignment on his client's behalf, confirming that Culver understands his charges and will come to court to face those charges.

The presiding judge of the Huntsville Municipal Court system, Lonzo Robinson, recused all of the municipal court judges, both full and part time, from hearing the case because it would be a conflict of interest.

Robinson will appoint a new judge as soon as possible from out of town and that judge will set a trial date.

The City of Huntsville released the following statement:

This is an ongoing investigation, and Council Member Culver is entitled to a presumption of innocence, as would any other citizen in this matter. We will allow this case to run its normal course through the courts.

Culver referred requests for comment on his arrest to his attorney, George Flowers.

Flowers says there's not much to the case.

"It is mundane in the extreme and there are no extenuating circumstances to this whatsoever," he stated.

Will Culver represents District 5. He was first elected to the Huntsville City Council in 2008 and served as President of the City Council for one year in 2015-2016. He previously served as Chief Magistrate with City of Huntsville Municipal Court in February 1997 until his election in 2008.

Prior to working with the court, he worked as a Huntsville Police Officer where he worked first, second, and third shift patrol. He went on to become one of the first Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officers (D.A.R.E.) in the State of Alabama and was instrumental in helping to train and certify other law enforcement agencies throughout the southern portion of the United States who sought to implement the D.A.R.E. Program in their communities.

In addition to his work on the council, Culver serves on the Faculty as Director of Criminal Justices Studies at Calhoun Community College and serves as an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice Studies at Alabama A& M University, according to his bio posted on the city council website.

As chair of the City of Huntsville's Finance Committee, he is responsible for overseeing a $230 million dollar budget and ensuring that the city maintains its AAA bond rating. He also serves on the City of Huntsville's Insurance Committee which oversees cost analysis, benefits and expenditures that affect over 2400 employees and their families.

Culver is an Associate Minister at Union Hill Primitive Baptist Church where he serves as a Trustee Board Member and as Youth Pastor at Calvary Church of the Nazarene.

"It's our hope in this case that Mr. Culver is treated like any other citizen would be in a similar circumstance in the City of Huntsville," Flowers said. "My hope is that he would not treated worse or judged in the court of public opinion because he is a public figure. Everyone in this case has behaved exceptionally professional- Huntsville police and the courts and everyone at this point and we really hope that continues."

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