Making those end of life decisions

Making those end of life decisions
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(WAFF) - Monday is National Healthcare Decisions Day and officials are urging families to have those end of life discussions in light of the former first lady.

So when should you be having those end of life discussions with your family? Talk to the people at Shepherd's Cove Hospice and they'll tell you it should be done sooner rather than later.

Officials at Shepherd's Cove Hospice say they know talking about death isn't always a topic people like to discuss but should discuss.

But they say end of life decisions should be made when a person is not to that point. Chief nursing officer Stormy Dismuke says there are some tangible things that need to be done such as determining the future of property and a will.

But there also needs to be health determinations such as a do not resuscitate order, not to mention should a person stay in intensive care or have comfort care.

"We focus on what they want at that very end of life and that's what Ms. Bush has done. Talking about comfort care where we can come into your home. We can help you if you've not made those decisions. 'What do I want to do?' We have an interdisciplinary staff that comes in which includes nursing, physicians, social workers, aides that can provide that very personal care."

National Healthcare Decisions Day

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