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Akin will accept job pending negotiatons

Dr. Matt Akin at the State of Huntsville City Schools on April 10, 2018 (Source: WAFF) Dr. Matt Akin at the State of Huntsville City Schools on April 10, 2018 (Source: WAFF)

The Gulf Shores city school board says Huntsville City Schools' Dr. Matt Akin is the unanimous choice for the superintendent job.

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After an official vote, the board will move to negotiate with Akin to become the system's first school superintendent.

Akin joined the Huntsville system just one year ago. Before serving as Huntsville's superintendent, he worked for the Piedmont city school district for 13 years.

Akin released the following statement:

This afternoon, the Gulf Shores Board of Education has notified me about their intention to offer the superintendent’s position. It is an honor to be selected and I look forward to reviewing the terms of the contract. It is an incredibly unique opportunity to be able to work with the board to develop a new school system from the ground up.  Everyone I’ve spoken to has been very supportive.

At the same time, I truly care about everyone in Huntsville, and I came to the district because I believe in the potential of the schools and the city. The foundation is in place to support greatness.  With the help of the teachers, administrators and the community, I believe that Huntsville City Schools can be a model school system for the country. All of us on the Huntsville City Schools team have worked to develop strategies for personalized instruction, new resources to support literacy and math, and drafting our Indicators of Future Success. We have also worked to reduce our spending while providing appropriate resources and developing a long-range plan for competitive pay for our teachers. I will work tirelessly with the board and staff to ensure Huntsville City Schools will have all the elements in place to start the 2018-2019 school year. 

Akin stated on Thursday that he intended to take the offer. Negotiations are still being made, but Akin plans to accept the job when they are complete. 

The superintendent was enthusiastic about the offer and the chance to build a brand new school system from the ground up. 

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