Flu season winding down; different strain making the rounds

Flu season winding down; different strain making the rounds
Flu season may be winding down, but it's not over yet.
If you thought you were out of the woods for this flu season, think again.
Flu season may be winding down, but another strain of the virus is still making the rounds.
The Center for Disease Control reports the A-strain of the flu virus was more common over the last few months—now it's the B strain dominating visits to the doctor’s office. 
"We see one type of influenza primarily first, and as flu season is winding down, we see another type," Dr. Langston Lee, a pediatric doctor in the Huntsville Hospital Women and Children’s ER, said.
"Now we are hoping we’re outside the of peak season and seeing much less flu, but we’re transitioning to seeing more influenza type B rather than influenza type A," he added.
So how do you protect your kids from the B-strain? Dr. Lee says, essentially the same way as any strain of flu.
"I would still say washing hands, using lots of hand sanitizer, making sure if they think their child is sick drinking lots of fluids, managing their fever with Tylenol or Motrin if appropriate," he said.
The symptoms of both strains are similar and, if your child is generally healthy, Dr. Lee says they shouldn't have much trouble fighting the virus off.
"It can be harder on some kids but each strain of influenza, type B or type A, can cause severe symptoms in some kids. Although, mostly in healthy kids, it tends to cause a viral illness they have to fight off a little bit harder than most viruses," he said.
One of the best things to do include preventative practices: making sure healthy kids continue to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

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