State of the Schools: What’s next for Huntsville City Schools?

State of the Schools: What’s next for Huntsville City Schools?
What’s next for Huntsville City Schools?

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville City Schools wants to better prepare teachers before they enter the classroom.

On Tuesday night, at the annual State of the Schools Address, parents and staff heard about successes, plans for the future and challenges the district is facing.

Superintendent Dr. Matt Akin said change first needs to come from the teachers so that the students will benefit.

For teachers that means more training and a pay raise. But, in order to meet that goal, the district needs $10 million.

Dr. Akin is hopeful they can achieve the funding necessary in three years by making budget cuts and realigning expenditures.

According to Dr. Akin, the district has seen an improvement in math scores, but they’d like to see improvement in overall literacy and reading skills.
The school system is planning to implement a new, traditional reading program.

Also, Huntsville City Schools plan to see that 85 more teachers get national board certifications, a process that takes 1-3 years. They only have 30 certified at the moment.

Once certified, teachers get a $5,000 annual bonus.

Thanks to partnerships with local industries and universities Huntsville City Schools will be adding teachers to the list.

"We have to cultural of appreciation of teachers and we are working hard at doing that. We expect a lot out of our teachers and teaching in an innovative environment, but ultimately to be competitive to recruit teachers and retain teachers we have to get our pay equal to those around us and we are committed to doing that," Dr. Akin said.

Dr. Akin's plans to go to the board in May with recommendations for the first step in getting Huntsville City School teachers a pay raise.

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