Grant officials want ambulance service moved there

Grant officials want ambulance service moved there
(Source: WAFF)

GRANT, AL (WAFF) - The town of Gr ant wants Marshall Medical Center North to move the hospital's ambulance stationed in Claysville to the Gr ant Fire Department from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

This comes after a recent study on 911 calls for the area. The majority of medical calls during daylight hours come from Gr ant, not Claysville.

"Not having to drive from Claysville to this Gr ant area could be the difference in life and death," said Gr ant Mayor Larry Walker.

The ambulance currently serving Claysville is stationed off Highway 431 near the Guntersville Airport. Walker says moving it to Gr ant will shave at least 10 minutes off response times in most cases.

Walker says right now the ambulance is operating on a backtrack pattern. With Gr ant having a volunteer fire department with volunteer medics, there are times where there isn't someone to take a call. Moving the ambulance would change that.

"If they get a call to Gr ant, they have to come all the way to gr ant and then backtrack to go toward Arab to the hospital. So if the call is up here in Gr ant, they're already going to be here. That's going to shorten the time. If it's in Claysville, well, they're on the way in that direction anyway," said Walker.

Walker says the hospital's recent study of calls in the area makes the case for moving the ambulance.

"You know, there's no real point in having an ambulance service in an area where you aren't getting very many calls. Put the ambulance where it benefits the people in that area, closer to those people," added Walker.

The board for Marshall Medical Center is currently reviewing the plan to move the ambulance service for daytime operation in Gr ant. Walker says they will be ready to house the ambulances at their fire department within 24 hours of a decision.

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