Women suspected of bringing drugs to Morgan Co. inmates

Women suspected of bringing drugs to Morgan Co. inmates
(Left: Lena Skelton, Right: Lindsey Casey)

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Morgan County Drug Task Force reported that two inmates have been charged with attempting to bring narcotics into the Morgan County Jail.

Agents were told by jail staff on March 24 that they had discovered strips of Suboxone in property brought in for inmate Jonathan Harris. Lindsey Casey of Oneonta is suspected of bringing narcotics into the jail.

Officials also found methamphetamine was brought inside property given to inmate Steven Page. Lena Skelton of Attalla is believed to be the source of the methamphetamine being brought into the jail.

Both the methamphetamine and the Suboxone were sewn into the lining of clothing when brought into the jail.

Authorities later determined that Casey and Skelton arrived at the jail at the same time when delivering the narcotics.

Harris is incarcerated on charges of receiving stolen property in the first degree, while Page is incarcerated on federal charges.  Both have been charged with promoting prison contraband in the second degree.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Casey and Skelton should contact their local authorities.

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