Strong thunderstorms cause damage in Decatur

Strong thunderstorms cause damage in Decatur
Storm damage in Decatur on Ferry Street (Source: Charles DeWitt)

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - The city of Decatur was hit hard by strong thunderstorms Tuesday night.

Damage included:downed trees, downed power lines, structural damage to residences from trees and structural damage to buildings.

One injury was reported. That individual was transported for evaluation.

The Decatur fire and police departments, street and environmental services and Decatur Utilities all worked together.

Many homes sustained significant amount of damage. Trees smashed into neighbors cars and homes. As of Thursday night, power lines were still down and neighbors were still without power and have spent nights in the dark and freezing temperatures.

Decatur Utilities says they are receiving extra support from workers from other areas to help the people who has sustained most of the damage. Neighbors say volunteers continue to lend a helping hand until they can get up on their feet.

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