Decatur Police warn of phone scams

Decatur Police warn of phone scams

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Decatur Police are reporting an increase in two call-based financial scams in North Alabama.

One scam involves several local businesses who have been contacted by an individual pretending to be a solicitor for the police.

That individual has the number (256) 773-0930 and identifies himself as Jim Thompson, asking for donations for a "Shop with a Cop" fundraiser.

Another scam being reported by residents involves an automated call asking them to "discuss their [criminal] case" in order to avoid being arrested.

Those being called are also being asked to pay to resolve a fictional warrant.

Officials stress that they will never call and ask for money over the phone to resolve a warrant or solicit funds from any individual or business.

If you have been the victim of these scams or have any questions, you are asked to contact the Decatur Police Dept. at (256) 341-4660.

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