Zierdt Rd. widening project to enter final phase

Zierdt Rd. widening project to enter final phase

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Many Huntsville and Madison residents drive down Zierdt Rd. to either get to work or to take their kids to school. Right now, it's undergoing construction to make it a four-lane roadway instead of a two-lane.

The northbound lanes were completed in spring of 2017, but you can't drive on them yet. The city hit a major roadblock back in 2015 when construction of the northbound lanes began. A water main that services the west side of Huntsville and Madison was discovered and could not be moved.

The city had to completely redesign the construction plan. A second problem arose when the city found out they would have to get a permit from the Army Corp of Engineers to build across Lady Ann Lake, across from Edgewater.

Recently, the city received the final acquisitions for the southbound lanes. Bidding for construction is expected to start in June with construction slated to begin during the late summer. While the southbound lanes are being constructed, drivers will be diverted to the northbound lanes.

At the end of the project, Zierdt Rd. will be a four-lane divided roadway with a bike and pedestrian lane. Some people are questioning if Zierdt Rd. will be able to handle the added cars on the road when the Town Madison development is complete.

Kathy Martin, City Engineer for Huntsville, says that this project will be able to handle the added cars and help ease traffic congestion. The estimated cost for the entire project is around $30 million. The completion date for the project is slated for late 2020.

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