Caller targets storm victims

Caller targets storm victims

(WAFF) - On the heels of last week's storms, dozens of people claim someone keeps calling them to do housing repairs. It turns out this man is actually a fraud.

Victims tell WAFF 48 the caller knows their name and address. “It was just a really weird conversation that we had on the phone and they had all of my information - my maiden name and everything,” AmberLee Border said.

They also say the number is always either 256-305-4521 or 256-729-9679. We tried calling both numbers Sunday evening. They were either "disconnected" or we received a busy signal.

Often times, victims say that when they asked for more information from the caller, they would simply hang up. Most of them tell us they were shocked to even get a call since they had no damage.

Border sent a warning about the caller to Facebook. It was shared hundreds of times by people who also got a call. One lady even telling a story where she allowed them to come over, but they never showed up. She says a suspicious vehicle circled her neighborhood several times that afternoon.

Maranda Anyan also got a call. She also had no damage. "They didn't call my personal number but they called my mother. She said that they knew my name: first name, last name, knew my address and was talking about different things about repairs from the tornado,” Anyan says.

Anyan & Border both feel this is a scheme to either get cash or rob people's homes.

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