Transit study coming to Huntsville

Transit study coming to Huntsville
(Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Would you catch a bus into Huntsville if available? The city of Huntsville is conducting a study in the summer to look at how to grow the transit network for the future.

The city took up proposals last week.

This could be a major plus for drivers, meaning less cars on the roads and easier routes to get to and from work. The city is already looking to expand roadways to accommodate the booming population.

For example,  later this year, road construction begins on Cecil Ashburn Drive to allow for more traffic coming in from the east and Hampton Cove area. There are also more changes coming to North Parkway at the Mastin Lake Road intersection, which includes building an overpass so people commuting from the north will have an easier time getting into the city.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization wants to find out where people are moving to get to their jobs, where are they coming from, where are they going to, and how do they get there. This will be a broader look at where the city needs to make roadway improvements, which will be priority areas, and where they see development patterns.

Right now, the city does have a shuttle, but the transit study will see whether they need to upgrade the current system.

"This will suggest some changes in the routes. It may suggest we expand certain hours. It may suggest that we add routes. It will give us a short-term road map for the next half decade on how we want to improve the network to accommodate the growth that we are seeing," said Dennis Madsen, manager of urban and long-range planning.

The planning department hopes to get the results of the transit and commuter study back by the end of the year.

"The best part is we are not playing catch up. We have really managed to stay ahead of the growth before it becomes a too problematic," Madsen said.

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