My Take - Severe Weather

As evidenced by this week's storms severe weather season is here.  Hopefully this won't be a really active season.  We want to remind you about a policy we have at WAFF when a severe weather warning is issued inside our viewing area.  The policy states that the WAFF First Alert weather team will stay in continuous coverage until the warning has passed.  WAFF is committed to the entire Tennessee Valley to keep you alert to severe weather that could impact your property and more importantly your safety.  Many times that means breaking in to regularly scheduled programming to let you know.  We don't want to inconvenience anyone but safety of our viewers is more important.   Nearly every time we stay in continuous coverage we get complaints about interrupting regularly scheduled programming.  Many times the warning doesn't impact your location and for that we are grateful.  However, it does impact someone else's life or property.  So this is our request.  This spring when we cut in for a First Alert watch or warning remember our commitment to everyone in the Tennessee Valley.  If it's bearing down on your home you'll want us to let you know.  But if it's not in your area be thankful and please be understanding that others are being impacted.  If we save one life then missing a regularly scheduled TV show is a small price to pay. 
I'm Dave Thomason, that's my take, what's yours?

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